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Yep Im new and Ill be Your denny's server tonight......

Or shall I say Denny's Whore. I love my job, I love the people I get to meet. I've met some awesome people who just stole my heart and I didnt even get their name. Yet I have some old biddy ladies who come in and complain about everything. "what kind of shopping center is that.?"
"well it has a fashion bug, a rent a center, a salvation army."
*looks disgusted* "Well thats my kind of store!" *evil old lady laughter.* Well ugh lady if you tipped me more, these pants I got on here wouldnt have come from there considering I make only 3.90 an hour and that measly 1 dollar tip your leaving me doesnt leave much when I have bills, and food, and than my own clothes to pay for.
"how long do I have to wait for a cup of coffee" - same lady
"well ma'am the regular coffee just got done and I just started the decaf so it shouldn't be too long"
.....at that point I walked away from her table.

Its nights like those.....that make me hate my job.

OH and to the fucking table of 12 black chicks that came in and ordered 132.67 dollars worth of food and left me nothing...I hope you rot in hell.

But than I have my days were a table of 5 punk kids come in I'm being myself we goof off and have a laugh. Kid didnt have enough for his coffee so I gave him all my loose change which wasnt much mind you, but it was something. That night....they might not have had enough money for their food, but they really stole my heart. They were some of the greatest teens I've had the pleasure of meeting in a long time. One of them Justin I believe his name was, left me a note telling me how Im a great server and how hes so in love with me. It may have been a joke....but man it really made my night.

On one more side note. To all the older couples who come in to dennys and look down upon me for working there. I actually like my job, if it wasnt for people like me who wait on you hand and food and are extra nice even when you are being snobby, you wouldnt have anyone to look down upon.

Thanks for comming to Denny's and you folks have a great night! *beams*
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